Alias Raven by A.M. Null

Seventeen year-old Samantha Blackbird’s first mission for a secret government program was supposed to be cake—embed herself in a tech billionaire’s family to protect two adorable kids. But when she and the children are kidnapped by foreign mercenaries, Sam’s thrown into a more dangerous mission than she signed up for.

As she fights to get the kids home safely, Sam begins to suspect that the teen recruits of the agency are being used as pawns in a much larger conspiracy. Worst of all, the guy she fell in love with during training might be manipulating her, too.

Now, Sam must uncover the truth before she’s eliminated as another casualty in a very deadly game—and she has no idea who to trust.

With twists and turns and heart-pounding action, A.M. Null builds a world perfect for fans of Ally Carter and Jennifer Lynn Barnes



A.M. Null is the pen name of author Heather Davis. She was born in Seattle, Washington, where, thanks to her teacher father, she spent every morning of seventh grade reading in the library, waiting for school to start. She read through every mystery and thriller she could get her hands on, and has always dreamed of writing her own.

She attended The Evergreen State College, where she studied film, but found storytelling in written form was her true calling, and so began her writing career with the publication of her first Young Adult novel, Never Cry Werewolf. Subsequent novels include Wherever You Go and The Clearing, which was a finalist for the RITA award for Best Young Adult Romance.

No secret to living double-lives, she is now the author of the Alias Raven series, which follows the young recruits of the shadow op, CRAFT, as they navigate their way through deceit and lies to protect and serve the innocent.

She lives and writes in Seattle, not far from where she grew up. She still spends her mornings dreaming up thrillers and mysteries, as she did many years ago, but this time it’s all on the page.

Please visit her on the web at